Funding Success!

We are pleased to announce that a number of ACE researchers have obtained funding from the Australian Research Council and The University of Queensland.

Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
Dr Florent Angly: Microbial buffering: protecting the Great Barrier Reef against anthropogenic impacts

UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Dr Dana Willner: Chronic lung disease and the holistic human microbiome

ARC Discovery & Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award
Prof Phil Hugenholtz: Toward a complete view of life on earth via single cell genomics

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities
Hugenholtz, Prof Philip; Stinear, Dr Timothy P; Tyson, Dr Gene W; Howden, Dr Benjamin P; Walker, Prof Mark J; Robins-Browne, Prof Roy M; Schembri, Prof Mark A; Sly, Prof Peter D; Hartland, Prof Elizabeth L; Moreau, Dr John W: A high-throughput screening and sequencing facility for single cell genomics

Congratulations to all.