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Our Mission: To explore and understand the microbial world using ecogenomics

Latest Publications

ACE featured in the Australian Life Scientist

A nice article about ACE in the Australian Life Scientist by Tim Dean (in three parts no less!).

Twilight rACE: the few, the proud, the SmartACEs

ACE staff members ran in the Twilight Running Festival 10K race Sunday March 20. Contrary to what the race name might imply, no sparkly vampires were sighted, but Gene, Florent and Dana (trailing in the wake of Andrew Cook) were said to have kicked ACE! Or at least to have finished.

Dana Willner is one smartACE

ACE postdoc, Dana Willner, has been awarded one of only six US to Australia Fellowships. This funding will help her pursue her research into lung microbiomes and their roles in disease states.