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  • Bernie Degnan (School of Biological Sciences, UQ)
  • Blake Simmons (Joint BioEnergy Insitute, CA, USA)
  • Claire Wainwright (Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane)
  • Dan Chambers (Queensland Centre for Pulmonary Transplantation & Vascular Disease)
  • Gerard Muyzer (Delft University of Technology)
  • Justin Seymour (University of Technology, Syndey)
  • Keith Grimwood (Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute)
  • Korneel Rabaey (Advanced Water Management Centre, UQ)
  • Mark Morrison (CSIRO Livestock Industries)
  • Nicholas Stow (Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Sydney)
  • Nikos Kyrpides (DOE Joint Genome Institute)
  • Rick Webb (The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, UQ)
  • Sandie Degnan (School of Biological Sciences, UQ)
  • Zhiguo Yuan (Advanced Water Management Centre, UQ)