ACE offers a number of services using our next-gen sequencing platforms.

Microbial community profiling.
We are pleased to offer next generation sequencing of PCR-amplified conserved marker genes to profile microbial communities. This technique allows samples to be probed in great depth (typically able to detect populations representing 0.01% of the community) and also multiple samples to be profiled in parallel.

Samples can be submitted through the ACE LIMS system ( New users will need to contact our Sequencing Manager Nicola Angel ( to set up an account. Please note that samples will only be processed after they have been submitted to the ACE LIMS.

We only accept PCR amplifiable DNA that is between 1-25ng/μl in 0.2μl PCR tubes/strips (5μl will be used in our PCRs, so please ensure that this concentration of DNA works on your samples; a minimum of 20μl is required for each sample).

Please contact Nicola for a quote.