ACE offers a number of sequencing services using the latest Illumina Based Sequencing Platforms, reagents and protocols. Samples can be submitted through the ACE LIMS system (please see tab above). New users will need to contact our Sequencing Manager Nicola Angel ( to set up an account. Should you need to speak with Nicola, please phone 61 7 3365 4006.

Community profiling: Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi and Eukaryotes

We are pleased to offer next generation sequencing, of PCR-amplified marker genes, to profile a variety of communities. This technique allows samples to be probed in great depth (typically able to detect populations representing 0.01% of the community) and also multiple samples to be profiled in parallel.
Our Community Profiling service comprises a number of primer sets for amplicon generation from gDNA.

These include:

- 16S rRNA for Bacterial/Archaeal populations at 3 different hyper variable regions (V1/3, V3/4 and/or V6/8).
-18S rRNA for microscopic Eukaryotic populations
-ITS and/or LSU for fungal populations

Generally, users submit extracted gDNA for processing; however, we are able to assist with DNA extraction and qPCR services if required for your project.

Please contact Nicola for a quote for any of these services.


Metagenomics analysis is available using a range of library preps depending on the amount of starting material available and client preference. Currently, clients have access to Nextera XT, Nextera, TruSeq Nano and TruSeq PCR Free library preps.
Your libraries are available to be run as Shallow, Deep or Ultra Deep depending on the diversity of your population or the level of coverage required.

Please contact Nicola to arrange a quote or discuss the requirements of your project.


Next-generation RNA sequencing enables researchers to identify and quantify both rare and common transcripts.

Please contact Nicola to discuss your project and options for Metatranscriptome studies within your research.