Mohamed Fauzi Haroon

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I graduated from the University of Queensland (UQ) with Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours Class I) in 2010. My Honours project advised by Gene Tyson, was looking into microbial communities involved in anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) coupled to different electron acceptors. Recently in 2011, I have been awarded the competitive UQ International Scholarship to pursue PhD under the supervision of both Gene Tyson and Phil Hugenholtz.

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Research Interests

My main research interest is characterizing novel unculturable microorganisms using "omics" approaches. In simple terms, unravelling the functional capabilities of our unknown "friends and foes" by putting together pieces of puzzle to produce a complete picture.

Some research areas of interest:
- Investigating the fundamental forces that drives the constantly evolving biogeochemical cycles
- Studying microbial communities thriving in extreme conditions
- "Omics" approaches (single-cell genomics, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metaproteomics and metabolomics)
- Anaerobic methanotrophic archaea (ANME)

  • PhD Student