Steve Robbins

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Steven Robbins is an all purpose science enthusiast, interested in all things, from the Carl Sagan to Richard Feynman in scale. Steve obtained a BS in Biology with a minor in chemistry at Kent State University in Ohio. There, he spent 2 years as a research assistant studying the genetics of polyamine uptake in marine Roseobacter, and the role of microbes in microcystin degradation in Lake Erie. He is currently a PhD student at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics (ACE), under the supervision of Dr. Gene Tyson and co-supervision of Dr. Phil Hugenholtz.

Steve's thesis aims to elucidate the mechanisms by which microbes convert coal to natural gas in deep subsurface coal seams. Coal is generally thought to be composed of extremely recalcitrant organic matter, but is degraded under extremely energy limiting conditions within these coal seam aquifers.

Research Interests

* microbial ecology
* recalcitrant hydrocarbon conversion
* deep subsurface microbiology
* -omics techniques

  • PhD Student